A Thank You Letter...

Let me share a thank-you letter we received.

We donated a generator to a gentleman from Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico, who presented us with the below thank-you letter. He is in the mid 50’s and his mother in the mid 80’s. Both with medical conditions; the gentleman lifted his shirt to show his scars from a recent heart surgery and also has sleep apnea and uses a CPAP machine for sleeping. He was desperate to  buy a generator, but there was none to be purchased on the island.

From Cartagena Ortiz Family;

My mother and I feel a deep appreciation for the kind action that you voluntarily and from the heart did for us.  You became an Angel illuminated by the Almighty God.  Your kindness saved my mother, by donating the generator as a humanitarian action.  You gave us hope and strength in the current situation that affects us.  What we are experiencing in Puerto Rico is very difficult.  May God give you many blessings and wisdom.  I am extremely grateful for helping my mother and I.  

Many blessings to you and your family, from Mrs. Felita and her son.

The above story is one of many.  Below was my closing statement in one of the reports.  No, we cannot forget the powerful impact of what we experienced.  When we traveled the island, we saw victims of a natural disaster and the tragedy was compounded by the slow and limited emergency response.  Puerto Ricans are very proud people, but they were humbled when our aid delivered dignity to silent, ordinary people in pain.  We made several cash donations to people in need and it represented hope.  All the recipients were strangers, such as selecting at random an elderly lady with an umbrella and a chair at the end of a very long FEMA line to get food.  The positive impact of your donations and our actions are many.  Please note that we experienced hugs, kisses, and cried with strangers. Do not know how to repay you, so THANK-YOU for your contributions and God Bless!


Mel, Nilsa, & Daksha


Daksha Cordova