About the Team.


What is Project Coqui?

Project Coqui was born because of the positive but limited response by the Federal Government for the magnitude of the event (Hurricane Maria).  Our initial mission was to provide free communications support by connecting residents from Ponce with the rest of the world.  This humanitarian mission has grown in scope to include education and other infrastructure and has expanded to the island and VI.  We have visited five times.  We have provided satellite phones, airtime, generators, computers, medical equipment, cash donations, water filters, food, many miscellaneous items and conducted an architectural design visit by Dror Studios to bring IP to Puerto Rico and International Connector to conduct Dream Hub Workshops with ten communities.  We adopted the Montessori School in Comerio, funded chairs, tables, shelves and ordered classroom materials.  Also, ordered classroom materials for the Montessori School in Yabucoa.

Who is in Charge?

Melvin Cordova – Lead

Served 22-years in the U.S. Navy in the communications field, 8-years as Chief Technology Officer and Director of Innovation for the Defense Intelligence Agency. Currently a Consultant in pursuit of solutions for critical national challenges.

Nilsa Cordova – Team

Montessori Lead Teacher.  25+ years of experience

Daksha Cordova – Team

Data Analyst.  5-years of experience at Disney and Red Bull.

Collaboration with People Centered Internet

Vint Cerf (Father of the Internet) 

Mei Lin Fung (CRM Pioneer) and their networks.

Marti Grimminck Leads Innovative Resilience and the Dream Hub Workshops that connect to the mainland and global networks

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From left: Nilsa, Daksha, and Mel Cordova,  Founders of Project Coqui

From left: Nilsa, Daksha, and Mel Cordova, Founders of Project Coqui